dmt's website


Welcome to my website. You'll note it's quite barren right now though I hope to remedy that in due time. Coming down the pike are opinion pieces in the form of blogs and some silly javascript projects.

Who is dmt?

I wonder that myself, sometimes. I'm a hacker who's been interested in computing and technology since before I can remember. Officially, I began my journey at the (not so) tender age of 15 by getting into trouble, which eventually lead to me studying computer science in college where I cut my teeth programming in C#.

Shortly before graduating I landed a job in IT consulting where I've done everything from web development to rolling out fiber networks. For the past 2 years, I've mostly been working as a system administrator for a medium-sized business.

I support the use of Free Software and I'm a member of the Free Software Foundation. Whenever I'm working on a FOSS project I prefer the use of copyleft licences, though I'm not stictly against permissive licences.

With all that said, I suppose it's no surprise that I use a GNU/Linux operating system. While I do distro-hop a little more often than I'd care to admit, I always come back to Arch Linux or Debian.
My workflow is centered around various shell scripts I've made, combined with handy tools such as dmenu and dwm.


Nothing here right now... I'll add something soon, I promise!